Thursday, July 9, 2020

Split Back Option Play Action Throwback Wheel

Interesting play action variation from Carson-Newman.

The backfield action simulates option strong. Off the dive fake the QB sets up opposite the action and throws the weak side seam/wheel route combination. 

With the weak OLB pressuring the coverage is light in the weak side flat. The man corner is occupied by the seam release X receiver. The route runs the Corner inside and creates a natural pick on the Safety. 

The seam/wheel route combination is a staple play action concept in flexbone offenses. 

The major difference is the standard flexbone option play action seam/wheel route is going with the backfield flow. The motion, backfield action, and route combination all work is the same direction.

Great design by Carson-Newman to us a throwback play action off the option to punish a defense playing fast to backfield action or over playing the strong side of the formation. 

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