Friday, July 24, 2020

Exotic Split Field Coverage Corner Sim Pressure

Navy is in a sub 2-2-7 personnel on 3rd 11 vs 10 personnel.

The Rush:
4 man rush with the Rush LB and Dime as contain. The Corner is on a low track running through the heel line of the Dime going up the field creating a straight line run on the QB. The DE is up & under to the opposite inside pass rush lane to balance the pass rush.

The Coverage:
Strong side Quarters concept with a weak side roll down halves coverage concept. Nice usage of the Safety down in the flat to replace the Corner with the extra Safety popping the top to the weak side deep 1/2. The Nose is dropping off to spy.

The threat of strong/field side pressure attracts the attention of the OL. The pass pro is a 1/2 slide concept setting to the strong/field side. The weak side Guard is in the slide leaving the weak side OT man on the DE. The defense rushing 3 outside the OT overloads the protection weak. The DE occupies the OT initially before being passed off to the slide side as he rushes inside. The issues created for the OT are the timing the angle and speed of the Corner. Both make it very difficult for the OT to pass the DE and still be able to set and pick up the Corner. The Corner is wide, fast, on a straight line run to the QB, and outside the OT's vision all which increase the degree of difficulty for the protection. The result is the 2 on 1 overload of the RB.

Nice design by Defensive Coordinator Brian Newberry to present overload strong, actually overload weak, all while disguising the coverage concept.

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