Monday, July 13, 2020

Split Back Midline QB Iso

Split back midline QB Iso dual option scheme:

Dive key is the 4i. Key sits = Give to the Dive on the midline course. Key crashes to Dive = QB keep and follow lead block. The backside split back (F) is going over the top of the QB to become the lead block on the Iso scheme.

The BSG isn't able to climb to the ILB due to getting caught up with the BST's cut on the backside 4i. The lead block does a great job leading tight outside the QB as he bypasses to get into the lead block position. Unfortunately the lead doesn't find a block, had he covered up the playside Safety the run might have gone to the endzone. 

The midline QB scheme doesn't look like the top threat weak here with no clear immediate insert Iso lead blocker in the formation. Nice job by the Eagles to get the back side split back into the lead block assignment. 

As always good stuff from the Carson-Newman split back option scheme.

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