Friday, December 16, 2022

Wristbands to make Play Calls

Here is a simple wristband organization and template. The goal is to make the wristband easy for the players to locate and read the calls while also being flexible enough to alter the play calling pattern. The flexibility of signaling in the call helps prevent issues if calls are repeated throughout the game, if the signalers are visible on game film that is exchanged to future opponents, or if a regular season opponent is played again in post-season play. 

The setup is 9 sections with 5 calls per section allowing for 45 calls on the wristband. At the top of each section is a: City, Body Part, Color, and Number. If the play caller signals Atlanta 2 the players read the call located in the Atlanta 2 location. They will find "Over 4". If the call is Tampa 5 the players find "G Aim 3". Where the multiplicity comes into play is the 4 categories at the top of each section. Chicago 1 for example is "G Inside Magic". If the call is signaled Chest 1 instead the call is again "G Inside Magic". Gray 1 also = "G Inside Magic". Additionally the number in that section is 30. So if the call comes in 31 the call is again "G Inside Magic". There are 4 ways to signal in the same call. City #, Color #, Body Part #, or double digit ##. 53 is "Under 6" the next play could be signaled in as Hip 3 and the call is again "Under 6". 

This allows the play caller to change up call to call within a series. Or more likely to tell players this series, quarter, half, or in this week's game we are live on Colors. However in the next series, quarter, half or game the calls may be live on Body Parts instead. 

One hard and fast rule we used is the categories of calls don't move. 20/Boston/Belly/Black is always located in the top row and center column. This is like a watch. 

When you look at a watch 12 o'clock is located top center, it doesn't vary. The location doesn't move so it is always easy for someone telling the time to locate 12, 3, 6 etc. The same is true for the player reading the wristband.

The template is set up with 4 wristband inserts on the page. The top left is where the calls are typed in to the wristband. The other 3 autofill with whatever is input in the top left calls. This insures the wristbands will match and avoid the dreaded non-matching wristbands situation. 

If you want to download the template you can here.

Also if you don't want to laminate your wristbands check out this article about saving time on making wristbands.