Thursday, May 2, 2019

Saving Time Making Player Wristbands

Many teams use wristbands on defense, offense, or both. We have used wristbands for years defensively. One of the biggest challenges is the time it takes to make the wristband inserts. Our method for many years was to print the insert card on normal printer paper, laminate the sheet, and finally cut the inserts out. The issue with laminating is it is time consuming and the lamination sheets are expensive. 

Our solution is a really cool waterproof paper from a company called Rite in the Rain. You can run the paper under a faucet and it will hold up. It also holds up to sweat and player wear and tear. We print on the paper with a normal printer/copier in black&white or color. The inserts hold up for a full week of practice and game day no problem.

The paper is available on Amazon 

Package of 200 Sheets

While the paper is way more expensive than normal printer paper compare it to the lamination method. 

200 lamination sheets are on sale right now on Amazon for $20 plus about $8 for a package of normal printer paper. It works out to roughly the same price, same durability, and less time laminating.

Really cool product if you are looking to save time on wristbands. Also useful on other printed materials that travel out to the practice field or get used in the weight room/locker room. 

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