Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Developing a 2nd Plan

Going into a game there are always thoughts about who are the stronger/weaker offensive players in pass protection. That personnel scouting report informs the pass rush plan. How do we attack the weakest link? What calls get our best rusher on their weakest protector? But what do we do if the in game circumstances change?

What do we do if the opponent lost a player during the week of practice to injury and is forced to play a new starter? What if they lose a guy to injury in game?  What if a starter we planned on is no longer 100% (heavy ankle tape, limping, etc)? Also a personnel substitution may lead to a domino effect. The LG is out, their adjustment is the starting RG moving to LG making the RG the new player in the game. How do we attack the replacement player in these situations? Our answer is we game plan for it.

Every week we have a replacement personnel attack plan.

Just a simple section of the game plan sheet. The planning is a few calls to attack each position on drop back pass protection if the situation changes and we want to focus our attack on a new player. The bottom portion is other parts of the replacement plan.

New - The backups get fewer reps. The OL coach most likely got the subs ready for our most common pressures. Can we show the back up something new that he is less prepared for based on practice reps? These calls may not specifically attack the new guy but are designed to force communication and identification for the pass pro to something less familiar from practice reps. 

Sprint - Will the offense start moving the pocket to protect the QB?

Full slide - Will the offense go to a full slide to help the replacement player in protection?

Turn To - Will a half slide protection team turn (set the protection) to the new player. For example sliding to the RG if the RG is the new player?

Chip/Nudge - Tools the RB, TE, or other off the ball player can use to help an OL. The RB may look to help the new player in protection first before check releasing.

Max Pro - Will the offense go into a max protection plan and add RB/TE to sure up the protection?

Having ideas organized on the call sheet and planned out allows us to rep these calls in camp or through the week. In blitz period, 2 minute, team pass against the offense we won't be seeing our opponent's personnel. We can however use our replacement personnel plan calls to attack the 1st offense's Center or the 2nd offense's RT. Also being prepared for protection adjustments as a by product of personnel changes can help prevent us from making a mistake or at least help us have a plan to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

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