Friday, May 22, 2020

Giving the DL a Two-Way Go Pass Rush

Here is a simple DL pass rush stunt we call Eyes. 

The End has a two way go on the OT. The DT bull rushes the guard while eying the DE. 

If the DE takes the inside rush the DT will convert to a contain rush lane looping outside the DE.

The left DE takes the inside move and wins inside against the OT's overset and shoulder turn. The left DT eyes the DE while using his hands on the guard to throw and loop to contain.

If the DE stays outside the DT will work a pass rush on the Guard. 

The right DE works an outside speed rush and long arm on the OT. The right DT has good eyes while using this hands on the guard. When the DT sees the DE outside he converts to an inside pass rush with an arm over.

Eyes is a simple stunt that allows the DE the freedom to go win. The DE's only rule is make a decision inside or outside and attack. 

Eyes is a good way to let a good pass rusher go attack. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Reading the Slide - Putting the Center on an Island

Previously I wrote about reading the slide to get pass rushers home for Coaches' Lounge.

Here is another example of reading the slide of the protection.

The Rush:
End and Rush - Contain Rush
Tackle - Slow Under on the OT's set
Nose - Strong A
Mike - Reading the set of the Guard. If the Guard sets inside to the Nose the Mike will run through in the B gap. If the Guard set out to the B gap the Mike will convert to the his rush to the opposite A gap

The Coverage:
Cover 1

The protection is a 5 man scat protection with the RB free releasing. The width of the Tackle and Rush force the Guard and Tackle to set wide. The Mike reads the set of the Guard coming to him and wraps. The width of the sets creates space inside for the wrapping Mike to win one on one vs. the Center. The Center is forced to redirect off the Nose to block a superior athlete in a large space. The degree of difficulty for the Center creates a major advantage for the blitzing LB. 

This concept plays similarly vs. a half slide concept.

 The RB is in good position to help on the wrapping Mike. When the RB blocks the Will adds to the pressure using a green dog technique. 

Another likely protection from this formation is full slide.

The Tackle is slow under allowing him to stay outside when the OT slides away. This allows the Rush & Tackle to create the 2 on 1 overload on the RB.

If the offense uses a half slide with the RB crossing the formation the pressure can attack the RB. 
The Mike reading the slide allows for a run through in the open B gap. The RB is forced to pick up a full speed Mike from across the formation. 

Reading the protection allows rushers to avoid running into blockers and attack daylight.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Attacking Buck Sweep with Safety Rotation

On a 2nd 4 Georgia is in Nickel personnel spaced as a 2 high 4-2-5.

The coverage rolls late in the cadence to space as a 4-3 with the roll down safety taking on the roll of the "Sam" backer. 

The Bulldogs are able to leverage several advantages by rolling to a 1 high safety coverage:

Playing this coverage allows for the corners to play press and the Nickel to stay over #2. This allows for an aggressive denial of the split receiving threats on quick game and RPO concepts. On 2nd 4 a short completion is likely to make the line to gain and a 1st down.

The pre-snap presentation has combination of the LB's alignment with a 2 high shell to deters weak side run or pass concepts. The looks invites the strong side run directly into the safety rotation. 

The roll down safety becomes the target of the crack block by the motion WR. The result is the Nickel and ILB being able to vise the pulling guard. The defense is able to outnumber with point of attack with defenders close to the LOS. 

The over front allows weak side ILB to hold for the QB read/keep schemes while the safety rotations allows the fits to handle the pullers strong.

The DT's on the twist is subtle advantage also the 3tech on the penetration picks off the back side puller while the looping shade is able to add a body to strong side run fit. 

Really nice usage of a denial 1 high coverage to create a gain of zero and set up a winnable 3rd down. Good stuff from Georgia Defensive Coordinator Dan Lanning.