Friday, May 22, 2020

Giving the DL a Two-Way Go Pass Rush

Here is a simple DL pass rush stunt we call Eyes. 

The End has a two way go on the OT. The DT bull rushes the guard while eying the DE. 

If the DE takes the inside rush the DT will convert to a contain rush lane looping outside the DE.

The left DE takes the inside move and wins inside against the OT's overset and shoulder turn. The left DT eyes the DE while using his hands on the guard to throw and loop to contain.

If the DE stays outside the DT will work a pass rush on the Guard. 

The right DE works an outside speed rush and long arm on the OT. The right DT has good eyes while using this hands on the guard. When the DT sees the DE outside he converts to an inside pass rush with an arm over.

Eyes is a simple stunt that allows the DE the freedom to go win. The DE's only rule is make a decision inside or outside and attack. 

Eyes is a good way to let a good pass rusher go attack. 

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