Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Middle Kickoff Return Scheme

As of Tuesday April 23rd 2019 the NCAA voted in the rule change for kickoff return blocking to eliminate 2 man wedges. This rule eliminates the double team kick out/pin schemes that have dominated kickoff returns the last several years. The double teams have been around for many years but became the most popular scheme when 3+ man wedges were legislated out. Here is a middle return scheme with no 2 man wedges/double teams we had success with in the past.

Tackles - 12 yards from the ball, retreat to the 35 block #2 outside
Guards - 15 yards from the ball, retreat to 35 and kick the opposite #4
Center - Block the most dangerous #5, this is chip block - hit the #5 and slow him down once you get a piece work to the kicker or any safety in the coverage unit

Wings - Inside the numbers at the 35, retreat and kick the opposite #3 at the 30

Upbacks - 2 yards outside the hash, retreat to 10 yards from where the returner fields the kick. block the #5's

Returns - Align based on scouting report. Off returner lead block. Return look to take the return down the middle of the field.

I think this is the type of scheme that will take over. The same type of cross and kickout scheme can be applied to build a seam return while still being all 1 on 1 blocks. Something to think about as planning both kickoff and kick return schemes this summer.

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