Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Corner Firezone Pressure

Atlanta comes out in a Nickel personnel with Rush LB types at the DE positions. This pressure is a simple and well executed corner corner firezone. 

The Rush:
Corner off the edge and the Will in the A gap.

The Coverage:
3 under 3 deep firezone

The walked up Mike in the A gap and the dropping Rush backer really make this blitz work. The Mike helps control the turn of the Center in the pass pro. The Center has an immediate blitz threat and sets to the field. The turn of the Center forces the RB to block the A gap blitzing Will LB while the OG and OT fan out to the DT & Rush. To the side of the pressure the Rush backer does a great job of attacking the OT before dropping into coverage. By attacking, the Rush occupies the OT. The OT is then faced with a DT pass rushing his inside half. The OT and OG end up on the DT leaving the Corner as a free runner off the edge. 

The cut split by the X receiver also helps the Corner have a shorter run on the QB. Reducing the split for the receiver to run the under makes Corner pressure a bigger threat. 

Simple concept from Dan Quinn to overload the weak side pass protection and great execution by the Falcons.  

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