Sunday, April 7, 2019

Texas Cover 1 Safety Pressure

Here Texas is in a 3-2-6 Dime personnel on 3rd & 14.

The Rush:
Ends  - Contain
Nose - Work away from pressure
Will - A gap
Safety - Walk down blitz B

The Coverage:
Cover 1

The Nickel and DIme appear to signal an "In & Out" combination coverage on the closely aligned #2 and #3 receivers. The Mike is mugged up on the guard while manned on the RB. Post-snap the Mike green dogs and adds to the pass rush.

The mugged up LB's gets the OL into a 5 vs. 5 situation. Every OL has an immediate threat to block forcing them into 5 games of 1 on 1. The occupied OL force the RB into blocking the blitzing safety. In coverage the In & Out has a hard route combo to handle with both #2 and #3 running inside breaking routes. Fortunately, the pressure hits home before the routes can come open.

Good stuff from Coach Orlando and the Longhorns.

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