Friday, April 5, 2019

Flexbone vs. 4i Odd Front

Here is an example of Georgia Tech running option scheme at a 3-4 odd front structure with DE's in 4i's from Georgia.

Both midline and veer option have challenges against the 4i aligned DE's. That doesn't mean flexbone teams are out of options.

Arc option

Arc option is similar to veer option only the playside OT is arc blocking instead of inside releasing (veer) to the LB. The 4i aligned DE makes the veer release by the OT impossible.
Here GT arcs the OT this makes the 4i DE the Dive key and the OLB (Jack) the pitch key. If the 4i widens with the arc of the OT the QB will give the dive.

The perimeter blocking is a crack arc scheme. The Arc block (OT) is blocking the alley defender. In this case the Safety is coming down. The WR is reading the Corner. If the corner triggers to the alley the WR will crack the safety and allow the Arc (OT) to block the alley player. Since the Corner stays wide the WR blocks the Corner.

Good play design from Paul Johnson and good execution from the Yellowjackets. This is a play to prepare for if you run 4i DE in the odd front and expect to see a flexbone option offense this season.

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