Monday, April 29, 2019

Short Yardage Run Blitz

Here is a cover zero run blitz on 4th & 1. Texas Tech is in 3-3-5 personnel against 11 personnel.

The Rush:
4i-0-4i front. The End to the blitz is long sticking down to the A gap. The Nose and away DE are moving away from the blitz. The Sam is crashing down the LOS off the edge with the SS taking the wide track off the edge.

The Coverage:
Cover Zero with the WS adjusting to the Y motion. The Mike is man to man on the RB.

The offense is trying to gain the numbers advantage to the boundary with motion and double pullers.

The Will sets the edge weak. The End looping outside does a good job disrupting the pullers and building a wall. The Nose, flowing Mike, and man coverage WS triggering on the blocking Y all add to the wall play side. The Sam is able to chase the play down behind the wall for a TFL. The SS can secure for the QB pull to the field on any read/naked scheme. 

This offensive scheme does a good job of trying to outnumbering a defense. The pressure on short yardage did a better job on this play of changing the math back to the defense's favor. Great call from David Gibbs and execution from the Red Raiders in short yardage.

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