Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Using Pressure to Reset the Front

Troy presents a front spacing with a 3 technique to the boundary and a shade nose to the field. The anticipated defense would send the boundary OLB in the charge and the front would fit like a 4-2 box.

Post snap the Troy defense resets the front by pressuring the Mike backer.

The boundary OLB (Jack) is actually part of the coverage. The combination of the DL slant and Mike pressure changes the front post-snap to fit like a 4-3 with the 3 technique aligned to the field. The blitzing Mike serves the role of "3 technique" while the down Safety, Will, and Jack fill the roles of the 3 "LB's"

The offense was running a pin & pull scheme which is set up with good angles against the initial defensive alignment. Post-snap the offense struggles with the pressure.

The Nose does a great job redirecting on the slant with the block back pull of the G/C. The Mike on the pressure dents the run in the backfield with penetration. The Mike (outside) and the Will (inside) can vise the pull of the center. The play side DE also does a great job of crossing the TE's face on the block back pull. The Safety (outside) and DE (inside) are able to vise the pull of the OT.

Good stuff from Vic Koenning and the Trojan defense. 

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