Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Game of the Season

The season is almost here. A thought for defenses:

"It is the first game and you are nervous. It is ok to be nervous. Nerves mean you care. You are nervous because you want to do well. You are nervous because you want all your hard work to pay off. You are nervous because you don’t want to let your teammates down. Those are all noble reasons to be nervous. When human beings are in stressful situations one of two instincts takes over: fight or flight. Tonight when the nerves and stress build up: will you fight or will you run? If you are a guy who wants to fight, great. Buckle up and go out hit ‘em every play. If you feel like running, that’s ok too. Run to the ball. When you get there you will know what to do."

Good luck to everyone. Enjoy every minute of the 2015 season. May your team stay healthy, may your defense shed, pursue, and tackle, and may the sacks be plentiful. Amen.