Monday, April 22, 2019

Using Creativity to get More from a 4 man Pass Rush

2017 Florida State is in an X backer personnel with a sub secondary on 3rd & 8.

The Rush:
The Ends are contain with the X and Nose executing an interior pass rush twist game. The Nose jabs away which helps create space for the X backer. The X backer uses the space to get the guard to engage and commit. When the Nose wraps the Guard has a hard time redirecting to pick up the twist.

The Coverage:
Cover 1 with safeties in the hole and post. The sub personnel allows for the defense to match all the speed receivers with DB's. The Mike in this situation is a 7th DB, in this case a big safety body.

The Seminoles built a nice situational pass rush package. The 7 DB's allow the coverage to match-up against the speed Syracuse has on the field. The X backer allows a versatile pass rusher to get involved in the interior pass rush. The stunt is not new but FSU does a good job of utilizing personnel to get the right people on the field doing what they do best and executing the call at a high level. 

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