Sunday, May 12, 2019

Quarters Coverage Pressure

LSU is in a 4-2-5 spacing Nickel personnel with Rush LB body types at OLB.

The Rush:
Rush and Will working a twist weak while DT's slant to balance the pass rush.

The Coverage: 
1/4 1/4 1/2 with the Mike backer working to the weak hook. The field Rush LB takes over the 3 drop. 

The slant by the DL forces the Center to block the boundary DT. The outcome is a 2 vs 2 for the Rush and Will against the OG and OT to the boundary. The Will uses a really nice stutter and go to set up the timing of the twist and freeze the OT. By the time the twist happens the guard is already committed to the Rush in the B gap.

The utilization of so many athlete bodies allows LSU to threaten many players as either pass rushers or coverage players. This same stunt is common in 4-2-5/Nickel structured defenses. The presence of multiple dual threat players makes the call more effective than the traditional 4 down version. 

The biggest difference is the degree of difficulty for the OL in pass pro. Against a traditional 4 down spaced defense the Center is not threatened by the DT crossing his face. This allows the Center to sit and create the 3 on 2 to the boundary side. To the field the RB can check release providing a 3 vs 2 in protection and a late pass outlet in routes. 

Good stuff as always from Coach Aranda and great execution from the Tigers. LSU gets two athletic LB's on a twist, creates the picture for the QB of a blitz, and runs a classic 4 man rush 2 high defense. 

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