Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Blitzology Book Club

It's almost summer and I know lots of coaches ramp up their reading with school break beginning. So I thought I'd start a book club. Just some books I like about football and other topics. I'm planning to add new books the 15th of every month.

Question: Time remaining in the game is :03. Your offense just scored a touchdown to take a 19-17 lead. What do you do on the PAT?

Question: You are trying to bleed the clock to win the game. Its 1st down with the clock temporarily stopped. The opponent has 2 TO's remaining. The time on the clock is :58. Run the ball or kneel? Do you need a 1st down to drain the clock?

Question: It's 1st and Goal :15 seconds remain in the first half. You have all 3 TO's. What can you (or the opponent's offense) call run/pass with those plays with the time available. Run the ball and immediately call TO, throw the ball to the end zone, and how many times in the :15 seconds?

These situation and many others are covered in this book.

It is the best book on football clock management out there. Really well done, easy to understand, and well organized. 

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