Sunday, May 26, 2019

Overload Cover 2 Pressure

The Browns are in Nickel personnel with Rush LB bodies. The spacing is an odd front with both Rush LB's on the same side. 

The Rush:
4 man rush with the 2 DT's on long sticks. Off the edge the inside DB is up the field with the outside rusher working up an under.

The Coverage:
The pre-snap presentation is a 1 high middle of the field closed. Post snap the coverage rotates to a 5 under 2 deep with the weak side using an inverted cover 2 concept. The OLB is in the flat and the corner is in the deep 1/2.

The Browns present 8 possible rushers near the LOS pre-snap. Ultimately the rush is an overloaded 4 man pass rush with a 7 man drop. The pressure side 5 tech makes life difficult for the opposite guard. The guard is reacting to the nose looping to contain and sets outside first. Forcing an OL to set and redirect increases the degree of difficulty. Creative pressure design from Gregg Williams.  

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