Saturday, May 4, 2019

Double A Gap LB Twist Blitz

The Falcons walk up in a double A gap mug look with Nickel personnel using OLB bodies as the edge (DE) rush backers. The pressure is a variation of the classic double A gap ILB blitz.

The Rush: 
The Rush backers contain and the DTs are in the B gaps. All four are aligned wide. The DTs are wide 4i's to help force the guards to fan out and create more A gap space for the ILBs to operate. The ILB's twist in the A gaps. 

The Coverage:
Cover 1 Peel. With  6 man rush the rush has to peel with the RB if he releases into a route. The DBs to the bunch us a lock & level technique.

The Mike is aligned out over the guard while the Will is in the A gap to the RB. The alignment of the Mike forces the Center to set wide to make the block. The penetrating Will does a great job of stacking the Center before going vertical. The RB is in a bind in the protection. The Will never actually leaves his A gap but the looping Mike presents a new A gap threat. It is possible the Falcons called the twist and ran it as is based on protection game plan. The LB opposite the RB is the looper and aligns wider to influence the Center's pass set. It is also possible the ILB are using a read the center twist technique (Torch). The Rush backer to the RB does go depth and under. This could be a pass rusher reacting to being walled out of the rush by the DT getting up the field and looking for new space to pass rush. More likely this is the Rush backer playing a coverage technique to secure the RB on any interior release. Really good design from Dan Quinn. 

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