Monday, May 27, 2019

Covering Mesh Route in Man Coverage

Michigan is a 4-3 personnel.

The Rush:
DL is slanting with the LB rushing off the the edge.

The Coverage:
Cover 1 with LB manned on the RB adding to the rush in a green dog technique

The pass rush is pretty straight forward. The impressive part is the man coverage. The Safety and LB do a good job of getting on different levels. The LB is playing the hip aligned TE at 4 yards with outside leverage while the safety is at 6. The press alignment of the corners naturally puts them on different levels from the man coverage players on the inside receivers. Post-snap the LB plays the upfield arm of the deeper route in the mesh. The corner has the WR on the lower part of the mesh. This is a great example of undercutting a route to get to low hip position maintenance. By undercutting the route the Corner is out of danger of getting picked on the mesh. Great job of understanding the route and knowing the position maintenance of when to play high arm vs. undercutting to play low hip. Good stuff from Don Brown.

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