Monday, July 13, 2020

Bear Front Cover 2 Zone Pressure

The 2014 Eagles are in 3-4 personnel on 2nd 10. The front is in a bear spacing 3-0-3.

The Rush:
Both 3 techniques are pinching with the Nose looping out to weak side contain. The Sam is working inside with the Mike scraping blitzing outside to contain.

The Coverage:
Cloud cover 2 to the pressure with the Corner is the weak side deep 1/2

The 5 up bear front forces the OT into a 1 on 1 vs. the Sam with space created inside by the 3 technique on the pinch. The more athletic OLB turns the space into a quick pressure. 

The coverage disguises as a 1 high post defense pre-snap with a safety rotated down to the field. Post-snap the 2nd rotation happens to create a 2 high coverage. The Vertical-Hook players both do an excellent job of position maintenance on the #2 receivers. They stay inside and even denying the MOF and preventing inside cuts. All of their help is outside. This is a NO reroute technique. 

More good stuff from former Eagles Defensive Coordinator Billy Davis. 

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