Monday, July 27, 2020

Middle Overload Cover Zero Blitz

The Patriots are in an Odd front Dime personnel with OLB bodies as the DE's on 3rd 15.  Using the ILBs mugged up in the B gaps creates a pseudo-bear front spacing.

The Rush: 7 man overload concept with the Nose playing through the Center, the Rush LBs off the edges, the ILBs in the B gaps, and both Safeties in the A gaps.

The Coverage: Off Man Cover Zero with the pass rush accounting for the RB. The Dime is playing a choke technique on the TE. Choke is a term for inside press on a TE putting the defender in the C gap. 

The blocking does not have the numbers to block the blitz leaving the play side A gap Safety unblocked. This same pressure would have similarly overloaded a pass protection scheme. The off-man coverage makes all quick throws be caught underneath short of the line to gain while denying deep routes with alignement. 

The choke Dime & Rush backer do a nice job using a latch technique. This is a common principle in bear front structures.

If the TE blocks the C gap choke Dime in either a run scheme or pass pro the edge rush remains unblocked while the Dime provides C gap body presence.

If the TE releases the Dime plays his man responsibility.

If the TE blocks out on the Rush, the Rush will latch him. The Rush takes over the TE in man coverage working to maintain outside leverage. The choke Dime rushes the C gap. This technique is useful to prevent the 2 for 1. If the Dime widens to play man on the TE when the TE blocks out on the edge rusher the offense is widening the C gap and occupying both the choke player and edge rusher with one blocker. Using the latch concept allows the defense to prevent this stress situation.

Good stuff from Bill Belichick and New England. 

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