Sunday, July 12, 2020

2 Man Overload Front Pass Rush Twist

The 2014 Eagles build an overload front to increase the effectiveness of their 4 man pass rush and twist game. Philadelphia is in a dime personnel with OLB's bodies as the DE's on 3rd 10.

The likely spacing from this type of 2-3-6 personnel is something like:

The Eagles instead space in a odd front overload with both Rush LB on the same side.

The Rush:
The Rush LB's are working a twist game with the interior Rush LB working to contain through the B gap while the outside Rush LB works up & under. The DT aligned as a zero technique Nose works up field through the Center before working away from the twist. The weak side DT is the contain rush.

The Coverage:
2 Man with the weak side working a bracket on the X receiver.

The front puts the two best rushers on the same side working the twist. The overload front also forces the OL to man block that twist. With the zero technique Nose covering the Center the OG & OT are 2 for 2 vs. the 2 Rush LB's. The Nose does a great job of engaging the Center then working away into the weak side interior rush lane. The engagement prevents any help from the Center to the twist game. 

The coverage presents pre-snap as a 1 high concept likely Cover 1. The down Safety weak bluffs pressure or being manned on the RB before bailing to bracket double the X. The low alignment of the safety allows the coverage to present a 1 high coverage only to play out as a 2 man concept. The horizontal double on the X with the Corner outside and the Safety inside denies any initial looks to the X.  The X won't be quickly open allowing the twist game time to get home. Strong side the QB is likely looking for best man matchup against Cover 1. The coverage rolls strong side into 2 trial man with aggressive man technique and safety help over top. Again the quick throws are gone and the twist game has time to get home. 

Nice design of a non-traditional 4 man pass rush concept to generate pressure and usage of 2 man from former Eagles Defensive Coordinator Billy Davis. 

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