Friday, July 17, 2020

Odd Front Sim Run Pressure

The 2014 are in a odd front spaced 3-4 personnel.

The Rush:
DE's are in a 2 gap technique, Nose slants away from the A gap pressure ILB 

The Coverage:

The non-pressure ILB deepens and zeros up allow him to play C gap to C gap. The pressure in front of him cancels the gaps and provides protection. The A gap pressure dents the back side of the play helping disrupt the 2nd puller in the counter scheme. The 2 gap DE is able to throw over the top of the B gap cutoff block of the OT allowing him to get involved in the play front side. The non-pressure ILB is unaccounted for by the blocking scheme with the 2nd puller unable to roll the hole.

A 2nd example of the same concept. This time the coverage is a flooded cover 3 vs. a 3x1. 

The pressure gets a play side run through allowing the LB to chase the play. On the edge the scheme cannot account for the roll down Safety. The TE blocks the force playing Nickel. The roll down Safety is in the alley inside force, unblocked at the point of attack. 

Nice sim pressure concepts from former Eagles Defensive Coordinator Billy Davis. 

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