Friday, July 10, 2020

Ambushing Power Read

Wisconsin is in a 3-4 personnel using the field OLB as the 4th rusher. The spacing created is like a 4-3 over front.

The Rush:
4 man rush with the Sam as the 4th rusher in the charge.

The Coverage:
4 under 3 deep Cover 3 concept

Nebraska is in 12 personnel with both TE's flexed as receivers. The RB is aligned as a receiver before the jet motion to run jet power read. The concept could be a stress play for this defensive call.

If the Sam runs up the field to the jet sweep, the read will be a clear keep for the QB. The run will hit behind the pulling Guard/Double team off tackle. The Will LB will have a difficult fit and task to make the play. The Mike has to block shed vs. a flexed TE.

If the Sam sits at the LOS or crashes flat down the line, again there is a clear read for the QB. The ball will get handed to the jet sweep. The offense has a 3 for 3 on the perimeter including a TE on the Mike and a Corner who will be slower triggering from the deep 1/3. 

Either outcome is a difficult run fit for the defense. The Badgers instead chose to ambush the power read.

The Sam attacks up the field off the edge. The read key is up the field the ball should be kept on the power. Once the Sam is up the field he flattens off to play the QB. Simple plan: force the keep and tackle it. The QB's action meshing with the jet keeps him deep in the backfield giving the Sam the chance to play up then go flat.

Good technique and pressure design from Jim Leonard to take the stress out of a stressful play with edge rusher technique.

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