Thursday, July 9, 2020

Split Field Coverage 5 Up Twist Pressure

Wisconsin is in a sub Nickel personnel with OLB bodies as the DEs. The expected spacing is a traditional even front structure from this type of personnel.

The Badgers instead space as a pseudo-bear front covering all 5 OL. One of the OLB is aligned as a stand up 3 technique. An ILB is walked up as the edge pressure threat.

The Rush:
Both DT's are penetrating with the Rush backer working an up & under wrap to complete the 3 man twist game. The field side Rush backer is the contain rush.

The Coverage:
Split Field Safety playing quarters coverage concepts on both sides with the Mike LB dropping off the RB.

Purdue is using a scat protection free releasing the RB. The 5 immediate pass rush threats covering all 5 OL force the protection into 5 1 on 1 blocks. The Nose and Guard are committed to the penetrating DTs when the wrapping Rush shows up preventing them from reacting back to the Rush backer. The timing of the twist allows the pressure to strike the balance between forcing the OL to buy the penetrators and still hitting the wrap fast enough to get quick efficient pressure. 

Nice technique by the Rush backer keeping the path tight off the penetrating DT's and getting square and vertical to be in good body position to finish at the QB as he wraps. 

Good pressure design from Jim Leonard. 

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