Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Defending Wing-T TE Runs with Under Quarters

West Alabama is in an under front 2 high quarter quarter half concept vs. the wing-t.

The Mike is in a 10 and Will is in a 50. The Sam is aligned in a 9 technique but on motion he moves to a 50 off the ball. This allows the defense to fit as a 4-3 with the linebackers using a lever-spill-lever fit.

The Will does a great job leveraging the G block from the pulling Guard allowing the Safety to run the alley to make the tackle. 

The head up alignment of the DE on the TE allows for the DE to quickly engage and be violent on the pulling Guard on the G scheme. The 50 LB has a good alignment to be able to overlap and leverage the run. 

Another nice example of the 50 LB playing the lever technique, leveraging the ball back to the 10 LB. Also really nice example of the DE working a block shed and throwing across the face of a down block to get back involved in the play.

Against a shift to unbalanced the defense has a easy adjustment.

The offense presents a Guard over unbalanced, the defense aligns in the same under front spacing as before.

Once the OL shifts to build the unbalanced the DL slides into an over front with a 9 technique Sam. The ILB bump into a 4-2 box. 

The over front forces the wing into a down block and naturally widens the play. The defense can present 3 defenders off the edge in the Sam, Mike, and Safety vs. 2 blockers in the kick out and puller in the power scheme.

Good stuff from Steve Sisa and the West Alabama defense. 

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