Sunday, July 12, 2020

Crack G Sweep

Here is a crack G scheme sweep from split backs.

Playside the OT has a good angle to down block on the 4i. The TE goes is short motion to crack the playside ILB. The pulling Guard wraps to pick up the flow and overlap backside ILB. The outside receiver is also crack blocking. The result is a 2 for 1 by blocking the safety and slowing the Corner from fitting the run. The QB's keep fake helps control backside pursuit.

Nice efficient run with good perimeter blocking from Carson-Newman. These are the types of schemes that may become more popular as teams look for scheme answers to tite front defenses.

A couple of examples of how spread teams may integrate the concept into their schemes.

From Trey Y Off - The QB showing the keep helps control the backside pursuit

From a Y Flex 

Or possibly from with a QB run element 

The play fake to the RB helps control the backside pursuit and holds the LB's in the box. The QB takes over as the ball carrier.

Something to have in mind for teams looking to scheme up tite front with G scheme perimeter runs. 

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