Tuesday, July 14, 2020

1 Rat A Gap Pressure

2014 Eagles are in Nickel personnel with OLB bodies at DE on 3rd & 6.

The Rush:
4 DL are rushing from an even front spacing with the Will LB on the A gap pressure

The Coverage: 
1 Rat with the Mike dropping off the LOS to the Rat. The pass rush is peeling to account for the RB.

The 5 up look from the Eagles puts the OL into 5 games of 1 on 1. The RB is forced to account for the A gap run through LB. The pressure prevents the RB from getting into a route and dents the middle of the protection. The contact between the LB and RB happens in front of the QB helping to get him off his spot and break his throwing progression/rhythm. 

The Nickel is playing outside on the #3 receiver expecting help from the rat LB. This is an excellent example of the rat technique. The rat cuts #3's crossing route causing the Nickel to fall off to become the new rat in the hole. 

Nice pressure design from former Eagles Defensive Coordinator Billy Davis. 

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