Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Split Back Wide Veer

Wide veer (outside veer) being run to a TE surface.

The fullback's path is wide to the outside leg of the OT. The QB has to go fast, flat, and really stretch to get to the mesh point. The dive key is the 9 technique Sam LB. If the key crashes to the dive the QB will keep. If the key sits the ball is given to the FB on the dive. The play puts stress on perimeter players who are primarily playing the QB in the triple scheme. Now that player is stressed with a dive threat. 

Really good technique by the TE to release inside and vertical to get to the block on the ILB. Also the vertical release of the TE helps wall the 9 tech from being able to close down to the dive. This play often ends up as a wide dive with the ball given on the quick hitting edge run to the FB. The FB here does a good job of seeing the flow of the LBs and getting vertical in his path once he has the ball. The play also has the perimeter element allowing for all three phases of the option to be viable. If the 9 tech had crashed to the dive here, the QB would have kept and attacked the edge. The overhang player would have been the pitch key. 

Good example of the wide veer from split backs from Carson-Newman. 

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