Thursday, July 16, 2020

Attacking 2 Read with Y Cross

The Y cross concept is a staple of offenses across the country showing up in the West Coast, Air Raid, and many other offensive systems. Here is an example from Florida Tech.

The flash fake helps hold the underneath defenders. Strong side the flat/fade combination forces the Corner in a 2 read to roll up in the flat. The Safety has to get over the top of 1 clearing out space for the back side cross. If the Safety doesn't get over the top of 1, the QB can take the hole shot down the sideline. Next in the progression is the cross from the back side and finally the post. If the back side Safety hangs on 2 vertical  the cross comes open over the top of the LBs and into the space cleared out by pulling the Safety over the top of 1's fade to the front side. The switch action on the backside puts the back side coverage in a bind. 

If the Safety tries to come off 2's post and take the cross the post has excellent inside leverage on the Corner. 

Great version of the Y cross play from former Florida Tech Offensive Coordinator Jayson Martin. 

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