Sunday, August 23, 2020

Running a Bear Front Twist Pressure from Even Front Spacing

The Patriots are running a 5 up Cover 1 twist pressure from Nickel personnel on 3rd & 6 during the 3rd preseason game last year. The pressure is most common from Bear front spacing, examples featured previously are linked from Alabama, Wisconsin, and the Baltimore Ravens. New England uses an even front spacing with a mugged up ILB to build the pressure. The post snap execution is the same.

The Rush:
Ends are contain with the interior running the 3 man twist game. The LB and DT cross face and penetrate while the DT works up before wrapping.

The Coverage:
Cover 1 with Corners over with a weak side in/out combo coverage by the Safety/LB on the RB/TE

The 5 up presentation gets OL into a man protection principle. The manned up OL is forced to sort out the 3 man twist. The crossing face action of the LB/DT forces the OL to set then change direction. To pick up the wrapping DT the OL would be forced to set, change direction, and redirect. That is difficult ask for any OL. The wrapping DT does a nice job of keeping his shoulders square and gaining ground to the QB as he wraps. 

This is a tried and true pressure concept. The Patriots do a nice job of changing the pre-snap presentation to disguise the classic bear front concept in a even front spacing. Changing presentations is a great way to get more from top pressures. The pressure is the same week to week but the offense has to ID the pressure from various presentations. Great strategy to get the most from your top pressures.

Always good stuff from Bill Belichick even in pre-season games. 

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