Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Overload Cover 1 Peel Pressure

Illinois is in 4-3 personnel on 3rd & 9. On the motion the Corner/Safety spin the coverage. The Safety takes over the motion receiver while the Corner takes over the post.

The Rush:
The Ends are off the edges. The Sam/Mike are overloading the B Gap with the DT slanting inside. Weak side the the DT is rushing his B gap. The Mike is bluffing a dropout before re-inserting into the pressure

The Coverage:
Cover 1 Peel with the pass rush accounting for the RB.

The mugged up Mike, choked Will, and walked up Sam create a 7 up presentation from the defense. 

The Pass protection is a 7 man concept. The defense gets home bringing 6 with the overload concept. The OT sets inside for the Sam. The Guard passed the DT to the Center setting the Sam. The T/G end up doubling the Sam while leaving the Mike free. The OT squeezing the protection also forced the RB to scan to the DE off the edge. The defense getting the RB isolated vs. a DE to the strong side and the TE isolated vs. a DE weak side is two favorable matchups without the ILB added in as an unblocked rusher.

If the OT/OG fanned to the DE/Sam the RB would have be isolated inside on the Mike inside and weak side TE/DE matchup is still unfavorable. Still two favorable pass rush matchups. 

Nice pressure design from Lovie Smith. 

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