Monday, August 10, 2020

Complementing 5 Up Pressure Concepts

The 2018 Seahawks are in an even front spaced Dime personnel on 3rd & 3 vs. 11 personnel with the TE flexed to presents a 10 personnel structure. 

The Rush: 
The Mike is engaging the Center before working the strong side rush. The Safety is pressuring the A gap with the 3 tech working a B gap pop to contain.

The Coverage: 
Cover 1 with edge covering the RB

The pass protection is a 5 man scat with the RB free releasing. The initial presentation from Seattle forces a 5-0 putting the covered OL into 5 1on1 matchups. The look shows 5 rush threats with the box Safety on the RB in man coverage. The weak OT/OG are forced to fan/fan on the rush threats. The OT has no way of knowing initially the edge rusher is actually manned on the RB and will leave the pass rush when the RB releases. The DT does a good job of attacking the B gap to occupy the OG before working to contain. By the time the OG passes the DT to the OT it is too late to reset to the A gap pressure. The Mike does an excellent job of engaging the Center to create space in the opposite A gap while still working a pass rush move. The Safety isn't one of the 5 most dangerous threats initially creating a pass rush opportunity. The Safety does a nice job staying tight in the A gap to prevent the OG from being able to redirect and set the new A gap threat. The tight man coverage prevents routes from developing while the pressure forces a fast throw and contact on the QB. Consistent Pressure > Sacks. Play forced a 3rd & 3 to a 4th 1.

Good pressure plan from Ken Norton.

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