Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Double A Gap Pick Pressure

Ohio State is in a hybridized 4-3 in a double A gap mug spacing. The down safety is a Nickel/Slot Corner skill set and the DE's are in 2 point stances.

The Rush:
DEs and DT's are rushing their gaps from wide alignments to create space in the A gaps. The Will is penetrating and picking the Center while the Mike is stutter then wrap.

The Coverage:
Cover 1 with the rush accounting for the RB

From the 6 up look the OL is manned up with the Center setting to strong side with the RB handling the weak side A gap threat. When the the Center sets strong the Will is able to execute the pick. This is similar to when an unengaged OL rib shots an adjacent engaged DL. The Center cannot see the pick and isn't in the body position to effectively engage with the penetrating Will. When the Mike wraps the Center is forced to redirect creating a further disadvantage vs. the pick. The result is 2 rushers through the weak side A gap. The Will gets the pressure following the knockdown on the pick of the Center. This pressure has been featured previously from the Falcons the article is available here. The major difference is the technique of the A gap rushers.

Nice pressure plan from Greg Mattison and Jeff Hafley.

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