Sunday, August 16, 2020

Swipe - 2 Man Variation

Nice example of Swipe coverage concept from the Jets. NY is in a Bear front spacing from a 2-3-6 personnel. The hand down DE's are both LB bodies. The X backer is DE.

The Rush:
Both 3 techniques are on the inside penetrator rush with the X backer and Nose looping to contain.

The Coverage:
2 trial man with a weak side swipe technique

The coverage disguise shows a 1 high concept. From the look a 2man coverage looks like a low probability. The down safety uses a swipe technique running out to the trail man assignment on the outside WR. Really good execution and punch out on the comeback by the down Safety. QB reads a 1 high coverage with a bail corner and tries to hit the comeback only to throw into an unexpected trail man player.

The Swipe terms shows up in the old Buddy Ryan defenses. Jets Defensive Coordinator worked for Buddy with the Houston Oilers in the early 90's.

The Swipe coverage tool is a nice option to be able to disguise coverage concepts but still play 2man. Allowsing box players to run out into trail man also allows defense to create presentation to manipulate pass protections while still playing 2man coverage. The coverage can be used to run out to slot sets as well as the diagram with player over #2 showing a zone coverage alignment relating to #2 or zoning the Curl-Flat. The Corner and SS can both run out in this example with the Corner in the Deep 1/2.

Good stuff from Gregg Williams. 

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