Thursday, August 27, 2020

4-2-5 Weak Overload Firezone Pressure

New Mexico is in a 4-2-5 personnel with stand up hybrid players at DE running two examples of the same fire zone concept.

The first time the Lobos dialed up the pressure on 3rd 10.

The Rush:
The DL is slanting away from the pressure with 3 tech DT on a long stick movement going 2 gaps. The Will is wide as the contain rush with the Mike wrapping off the long stick DT.

The Coverage:
3 Under 3 Deep Firezone 

The dropping DE does a nice job of attacking the OT before dropping out. The protection is a 6 man with the RB scanning. The Center is setting weak which allows the Guard to pass the DT to the Center and set the Mike on the inside pressure. The RB has responsibility for the Mike if the Mike had pressured the the side of the RB. The challenge for the RB is going inside out to the opposite side. With an interior threat from the Mike the RB checks his inside threat. By stepping up to check the Mike the angle to get to the Will off the edge is extreme. 

Later the Lobos use the pressure again this time on a 3rd & 6.

Another 6 man pass protection scheme. Again the dropping DE attacks and occupies the OT before dropping out. This time the Center is setting away from the pressure. The result is the T/G are manned up opposite the slide of Center. The G is forced to travel with the 3 tech on the long stick because he doesn't have guaranteed help from the Center. The Center is occupied setting the A gap DT and would have a difficult redirect set to travel back with the Mike then take over the long stick DT. The Guard would have to react to help from the travel back by the Center and redirect to the Mike. 

Nice pressure design from UNM Defensive Coordinator Jordan Peterson.

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