Sunday, August 9, 2020

Shotgun Wing-T Jet Motion Slip Screen

Lenoir-Rhyne is in 31 personnel shotgun wing-t. The formation begins as a guard over unbalanced. Following the shift the formation is a standard 2x2 wing-t formation.

The screen is built off of the jet motion and fake. The OT's both set with the C-G-C as the three OL using a set-club-go to build the wall as the releasing OL on the screen. The TE seals the ILB helping occupy the Corner. The OL get out to set the wall outside the TE's seal. The slip happens behind the LOS getting lost with the backfield jet fake.

The slip screen is difficult to see defensively and allows the offense to quickly outnumber the defense opposite the motion. The typical challenge with wing-t is the offense gaining number advantage to the side of motion not opposite the motion.

Nice design from Bob Bodine, excited to see what the offense will look like at Mercer. 

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