Thursday, August 13, 2020

Cover 3 Sim Pressure

The Ravens are in a Dime personnel on 2nd 10.

The Rush:
Both DT's are slanting to balance the pass rush with the ILB pressuring the B gap and the Rush LB as contain.

The Coverage:
Sting - Sting is a 3 under 3 deep fire zone coverage concept with a bonus free dropper

The protection is a 5 man scat protection with the RB free releasing into a route. The presentation from the Ravens controls the turn of the Center. The OL are looking for the 5 most dangerous rushers. The 5 up look makes the OL account for the 5 defenders on the LOS first and foremost. The Guard to the pressure side is forced to block the 3 tech on the inside movement with C-G-T setting opposite the pressure.  There is no guarantee the Center will be able to provide any help. Once the weak side DT works out the Center ends up freed up. Even with the Center able to help, the Center and Guard would have a difficult time redirecting to pick up the DT and ILB on the pressure once they set to the initial threats. The Center would need to redirect to the DT on the inside move from the pressure side and bump the Guard out to the B gap ILB. That is a difficult and unlikely redirection and pick up scenario. The OT has the Rush LB on the edge when the ILB pressures the B gap adding a second threat creating a 2 on 1. The OT makes a threat assessment and blocks the more dangerous of the two. The inside rusher is the bigger threat with the fastest path to the QB. The OT sets the ILB leaving the edge rusher unblocked. This is the value of a sim pressure. There are very few times a traditional 4 man rush results in the OL being forced to cut a DE/OLB edge rusher free on a run at the QB. Simulated/creeper pressures create this type of stress on pass protection. 

The coverage appears to be a Sting concept that shows up in the Ryan coaching tree.  Baltimore Defensive Coordinator Wink Martindale has coaching crossover with Rex at the University of Cincinnati and with Rob with the Raiders from '04-'08 . Without knowing the call it is difficult to be absolutely sure the coverage is Sting but this clip creates an opportunity to discuss the coverage. Here is an example from the Rex Ryan/Mike Pettine Jets. 

This example is a completely different personnel package and front structure but the coverage is the Sting concept. The coverage is using the firezone distribution with a bonus free player. This is different from a 4 under 3 deep cover 3 with 2 hook droppers and 2 curl-flat droppers. The 3 under are playing seam-3RH-seam  fire zone coverage but adding the bonus dropper as a free player. The free player's role can be game planned up to fit the opponent. In the clip the free player collisions the #3 before zoning off. This concept is very disruptive to 2/3 route combinations in a 3x1 formation. The collision of the free play also buys time for the 3RH to work from the opposite B gap mug alignment to the #3's route. For the protection manipulation to work the 3RH hook player alignment and drop put him in conflict. The free player's technique helps mitigate some of that conflict. 

Nice sim pressure design from Wink Martindale.

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