Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Bear Front Twist to Attack Counter

Here Alabama is defending a 3rd and 13. Auburn motions in from a double stack formation to a 2x2 hip player formation. Alabama is using a Dime personnel with 2 Rush backers aligned together into the boundary. With the Mike walked up the front is a bear spacing.

The Rush:
5 Man rush with an interior 3 man twist

The Coverage:
Cover 1 man free with a high safety manned on the RB. The DB's are using a TopHat technique on the stacked WR's. The press aligned DB bluffing press on the LOS WR while actually playing man on the off WR. The deep DB is manned on the LOS WR. Good execution of a combo coverage concept.

The defense does a good job fitting the counter. The DE, looping Rush backer, and man coverage safety create 3 vs. 2 on the pullers. With man coverage the defense is boxing blocks to force the run back inside. 

The DE boxes the first puller back, the looping LB boxers back the OT rolling the hole, and the man coverage safety runs inside out staying on the back hip of the ball carrier. 

This call has good play as a pass rush stunt but the Tide defense does a good job fitting counter and getting the sticks to 4th and long.

Good stuff from Alabama and Pete Golding.

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