Monday, December 16, 2019

Non-traditional Overload Cover 1 Pressure

Here the Jaguars use a 3-3-5 nickel personnel blitzing two safeties. The front spacing is non-traditional using the nose as 3 tech to help build the overload.

The Rush:
Four from a side overload. The End is contain, the LB is up and under the Nose attacks the Guard. Weak side the Safety is contain with the DE on an inside rush. The overload side safety looks like he is reading the turn of the protection and looking inside to midline.

The Coverage:
Cover 1 man free with an ILB running out to play the post and the 6 man pressure peeling the RB on any release into a route.

The pressure soaks up the RB and interior OL to create space on the midline for the safety to loop inside. Interesting pressure concept from the Jags and Todd Wash.

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