Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Attacking Counter with DL slants in the 3-4

Oklahoma is running a GT pull counter from a 2 back formation.

Even with the strong DE slanting outside the offense has good angles and numbers on the defense. The Will backer is going to have to deal with the play side OT. The offense has 3 (RB, Guard, Tackle) for the defense's 3 (Down Safety, Mike, DE). The defense does have an unblocked defender. Unfortunately the plus one defender is the Jack OLB on the backside of the play. Pre-snap the picture looks good for the offense. Post-snap the Will linebacker is able to get a run through and make the tackle due to the slant of the Nose and backside DE.

Play side the safety and DE set an edge and get help from the Mike playing over the top of the inside releasing OT. With an edge play side the backside of the defense can chase the play down from behind. The Nose is slanting strong. The slant attacks the guard who is blocking back, limiting any movement on the Nose. The Center is blocking back on the 4i DE aligned in the B gap. When the DE moves outside the Center ends up in no man's land unable to block the slanting DE and unable to redirect to the Will. The Will attacks the LOS and gets a run through in the seam created by the Nose and the Center chasing the DE. This could be a snap blitz from the Will. Regardless of it being called or a reaction the Will can be fast because the defense has the DE and folding Jack LB for any QB keep or cutback runs. 

Good stuff from UCLA and Jerry Azzinaro.

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