Sunday, December 1, 2019

2 Under 3 Deep Overload Blitz

 2 Under 3 Deep has gained popularity in college football from Michigan St, Pitt, Clemson etc. Here is an example from the NFL.

The Rush:
Roll down safety off the edge, Dime in the B gap, bull rush DE and A gap DT create a weak side overload. 

The Coverage:
2 Under 3 Deep with the weak side corner playing an aggressive technique on the single side WR

Using zone coverage against the bunch is a good way to let routes distribute and allow for an effective cover down. Zone technique by the underneath droppers also helps the defenders avoid being picked which is the risk in man coverage. The overload pressure creates four from a side weak. Against a half slide concept four to the man side should force a hot throw. The issue for the QB is it isn't clear there will be four weak rushers. Typically a six man rush with four weak requires a cover zero coverage look. The sight picture strong and weak both show zone coverage and it is. Six man overload pressure is very unexpected from this look. Good stuff from Romeo Crennel and the Texans.

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