Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Cover 3 Sim Pressure vs. Empty

Here is a effective sim pressure vs. empty. The Titans are in a 4-2-5 nickel personnel with OLB bodies as the DE's and the field DT in a 2pt stance.

The Rush:
DT's are working strong to balance the pass rush. The pressure side pattern has the Rush up the field and the Nickel through the the heel line of the Rush. The Nickel's path creates a straight line run on the QB.

The Coverage:
4 under 3 deep zone coverage

The slide of the protection goes to the field/strong leading to a triple team on the DT crossing face. The turn of the protection allows for the Nickel to get a clean B gap run through. 

Interesting spacing here from the Titans. Many Nickel packages set the Nickel to the pass strength. Here Tennessee sets the Nickel to the boundary/weak side and bumps a LB body out of the box to the strong side. One huge upside of sim pressure like this concept is the coverage is cover 3 which lets basically any defensive player play the low drops. A linebacker can walk out and play the field side flat. An OLB can drop off the LOS to play the field hook drop. Those players may have difficulty in a matching firezone concept or a man coverage against a WR but they are very capable of execution in a 4 underneath cover 3 zone drop.

Good stuff from the Titans and Dean Pees.

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