Monday, December 23, 2019

Packaging Complimentary Pressure Concepts

Here are two complimentary pressure concepts from San Diego State.

The Aztecs are in a 3-3-5 personnel but are aligned in a 4-2-5 under front spacing.

The Rush:
The Sam and Will are contain with the Mike hitting the A gap. The Nose and reduced DE are working a twist.

The Coverage:
Cover Zero 

The success of the pressure is all about the speed of the blitzers. Both the Sam and Will are able to win with speed and create the strong side pressure forcing the fumble.

Later in the game the Aztecs present the same strong side cover zero pressure concept pre-snap. Post-snap the concept is zone under man corner pressure instead.

The Rush:
The DL is slanting strong with the corner pressuring off the boundary edge

The Coverage:
Zone under man concept. More on the coverage concept HERE.

The offense ID's the strong pressure threats and attempts to adjust the protection. The adjustment is to send the slide to the pressure. This forces the RB to block across the formation which is a difficult pick up. Even more difficult is this corner pressure creates 2 rushers off the edge vs. the RB in a full slide concept. The corner ends up on the free run and creates a second forced fumble. 

Great execution from San Diego State and great plan to manipulate pass protection from Defensive Coordinator Zach Arnett and Head Coach Rocky Long. Rocky Long coached teams have played great defense for the last 20 plus years. Really fun defenses to break down and study at both New Mexico and now San Diego State. Coach Long doesn't get the credit he deserves as a great football mind and defensive coach. 


  1. Does the drop LBers pick up the back if he releases to their side?

  2. "Cover #3 your side from depth" that is the listed rules. So yes the drop LB takes the RB on a release to his side.