Sunday, December 15, 2019

America's Blitz vs. Action Pass

Here is America's blitz variation from UCLA in a 3-4 spacing with 4i DE's.

The Rush:
DE to the A gap with the OLB crashing on a low track and the ILB scraping over the top to contain. Opposite the blitz the 4i and Nose are running a twist game.

The Coverage:
3 Under 3 Deep

This pressure is a nice 1st and 10 play call. The scrape pattern opposite the hip aligned blocker gives the defense good play vs. split zone and counter concepts. Also moving the DL to the hip player gives the defense play vs. strong side runs. The DL movement cuts off strong side runs forcing the ball carrier back into the blitzers. Here the offense tries to go play action with a split zone action using a full zone blocking. The two backs on the edge struggle with the pick up vs. the edge blitzer. This examples shows the pressure has good play against play action concepts too. Good coverage technique by the field side seam dropping safety to turn and find the crosser. Nice regular down and distance pressure concept from UCLA and Jerry Azzinaro.

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