Friday, December 6, 2019

2 Under 3 Deep Overload Blitz

Here is an overload pressure from the Colts in a Dime personnel.

The Rush:
The Colts cover the center and go 5 at the LOS with two wide DT's and the mugged up Mike creating a bear front look. The strong DE is up the field for contain. The DT's are looping weak. The Nickle is up and under, the Dime is down the middle of the strong guard. The Mike bluffs dropping out including turning his shoulders to sell a drop out off the LOS. The Mike then adds back into the rush in the A gap. 

The Coverage:
2 Under 3 Deep 

The up and under by the Nickel creates a straight line path to the QB through the heels of the contain DE. The RB scanning across the formation has a tough pick up on a full speed blitzer. Having a DT and DE weak holds the guard and tackle away from the pressure and forces the Center to travel back with the strong DT. The Center has no way to know the weak side guard is going to be freed up. The Mike bluffing a drop out gets lost by the pass protection and when he re-inserts himself in the rush he is free in the A gap. Good execution from the Colts and nice pressure concept from Matt Eberflus

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