Saturday, December 7, 2019

A Gapped Mugged Zone Under Man Pressure

Here is a clip of the 2016 Patriots running a zone under man pressure coverage. The coverage shares many similarities to quarters coverage.

The Patriots are in a 4-2-5 nickel personnel with OLB bodies as the DE's.

The Rush:
Nickel off the edge with the DT and Mike pressuring their gaps. The field side rush is working a long loop over the top of the penetrating DT and LB.

The Coverage:
The Corners and Safeties are playing man coverage while the two drop LB's are working inside the #2 receivers to deny hot throws.

The protection ends up taking on a man to man principle with all the OL covered. The RB works inside to help with the A gap rush threat. The Rush looping pulls the OT's eyes and feet inside leaving the Nickel free off the edge. With no safety rotation it is very difficult to ID the Nickel as a pass rush threat pre-snap.

This coverage concepts shows up in the 2006 Eric Mangini Jets Defense

It also shows up in the 2010 playbook from Romeo Crennel in Kansas City

In this concept the Palms coverage is only played vs. 2x2 and the coverage converts to a 3 under 3 deep vs. any 3x1

This coverage concept can help mitigate some of the 2x2 formation risk associated with being in a 3 deep fire zone coverage. The risk of verticals often requires a firezone coverage to carry the #2's vertical with the seam dropper. If the defense doesn't want to match the #2 receivers in the seam with underneath droppers this coverage allows the defense to use DB's on all four vertical pass threats while maintaining a strong coverage presence in the seams for hot throws.

Good stuff from former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. No doubt Bill Belichick had a hand in this concept showing up all over in his coaching tree. 

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