Saturday, March 28, 2020

Run & Shoot Lo Red Zone Offense

Here are three plays from Hawaii. The first is 4th down the next two are 2 point plays.

The first play is a sprint out pass concept.

Nice route combination. The sprint out side is a pylon high low with an interior sit route creating a 
strong side triangle spacing. The QB also has the 4th option to turn into a rush threat

The WR's are really well coached here. The #2 and #3 receivers are delayed into their release 
which times up well with the hard inside route of the sit by the #1. The timing leads to natural and legal picks. This is very well coached and executed.

In the 2nd concept Hawaii uses motion by a WR to build a two back structure. The boot concept is a different protection and presentation but a very similar concept.

Hawaii uses the same basic route combination with a job swap. The RB takes over the role of #3 to the flat but the pylon high low with a sit creating a perimeter triangle is intact.

The counter boot action with the motion WR does a good job selling counter run to create a soft edge for the boot. The concept again gives the QB the run threat option.

In the final example, Hawaii uses a similar motion and set up.

The play is a GT counter run reading the DE. The DE sits for the QB which leads to the a give and the ball being handed to the receiver. If the QB had a keep read the A back serves as a lead blocker of the QB. The outside two receivers also present routes that may be a third phase throw option for the QB on a keep read.

The presentation is the same as the previous boot action play.  The field DE holds for the QB. Playing the DE in a shuffle squeeze also helps the defense against the threat of boot. The motion and backfield action is hard on the man coverage player to get to his run fit against the WR running the ball. The ILB is affected by the lateral flow of the backfield action. The LB plays fast and lateral which puts him on the track of the 2nd puller. 

Nice package of lo red zone plays from the Rainbow Warrior offense and former head coach Nick Rolovich. Excited to see if these concepts show up at Washington State in 2020.

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